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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

IMPACT Summer Mission Trips

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Cross Training – June 27-July 1
IMPACT journeys begin with four days of personal and team preparation and cross-cultural training at Rancho La Scherpa near Goleta. This time is designed to be part of your trip and is NOT a retreat or a vacation. During Cross Training week, teams stay in dorms at a retreat center and participate in team building activities, and teachings. In most cases, teams leave directly from Cross Training for LAX airport departure on their journey (transportation is provided by IMPACT).

ALBANIA – July 1 – July 19
Project: There is a church currently being planted in the predominantly Muslim country of Albania that we have begun a partnership with this year. They are an ordained ministry of the Presbytery of Santa Barbara and we’ve been given the unique opportunity to serve them this summer and help them build their church! We will be taking 3 different teams as there are needs for help in these 3 areas: 1) Childrens & Womens Ministry – they are desperate for more resources and skills to develop both the childrens and womens programs in their church. 2) Youth/Sports Outreach Leaders – if you have a gift for youth ministry, particularly outreach to lost teenagers and/or love sports this is your gig. We will be working with the youth pastors in this church to help them figure out the best ways to reach out to the youth on the streets of Albania through events, sports tournaments, etc. 3) Leadership Development – if you currently in ministry and lead others, we’d love for you to apply for this trip as we go to Albania to learn their culture and help them develop effective forms of leadership development in their church. Minimum age: 18

CHINA – July 1 – July 19
Project: The team will work in the province of Kunming doing work with missionaries Brook and Sue Sturtevant mostly in schools helping the children learn English and living out the gospel while incorporating Bible stories into our teaching.The team will stay in an apartment and the cost for food/housing there is very minimal. It is a unique opportunity to bring the light of Jesus Christ into a very spiritually dark country and to encourage the under-cover believers. Minimum age: 15

HONDURAS – July 1 – July 14
Project: The team will work in the highlands of Honduras, with Orlando & Sylvia Japas of Union Biblica (Scripture Union). IMPACT is invited this year to join UB staff in sharing the gospel through music, drama, and crafts with hundreds of school children in the cities and in rural areas. We will also get the opportunity to build relationships with Honduran believers and encourage them in their faith. Knowledge of Spanish is helpful, but not required. Minimum age: 15visit www.ubhonduras.com.

ProjectImpact team will go to Bucharest and partner with ROCK Ministries, where you get a chance to rock babies and play with children in orphanages. This ministry has literally saved the lives of children who have been given up for adoption or neglected. We get a chance this summer to love on “the least of these.” Nann Gonzales, a California native has been running this ministry in Romania for almost 20 years and will be our liaison in country. This team will travel there with the other Romania team going to Lupeni. Minimum Age: 15For more information visit: www.rockministries.org

ROMANIA (ROCK) TRIP B – July 11-22
The trip description is the exact same as above, we are simply offering two different dates with an identical trip experience. This team will travel back to the States with the other Romania team going to Lupeni. Cross-training is required for both teams though this team will have a few days at home prior to departure.

ROMANIA (VIATA) – July 1 – July 22
ProjectImpact team will work with the VIATA ("Life" in Romanian) Program for the first week, a ministry to youth in the mountains located above the impoverished coal-mining town of Lupeni in Romania's Jiu Valley.VIATA serves to help build a sense of community and hope for better life in this economically depressed area, where people seek work, basic needs, and a vision for the future. The team will work to support a summer camp for high school and middle school aged children, where they are taught outdoor skills, rock and rope climbing, and Christian values. There will be some painting and maintenance work to help improve the camp. You will be working with Romanian staff in this ministry as well as American missionaries to Romania. Minimum age: 15For more information visit:www.new-horizons.ro

TURKEY – July 1 – July 22
Project: Our partner, Ramazan Arkan in Turkey works on the Mediterranean coast in the city and suburbs of Antalya, in a country where 98% of people are Muslim. In this city of over 1 million people, there is just one Turkish Protestant Church. There are about 150 Christian believers who are members of this church. The goal of this trip is to encourage and serve the Turkish church members, coming alongside them as Christian brothers and sisters, empowering them to be an even greater light in the dark world in which they live. By living in the homes of local Christian families, team members will experience Turkish culture first-hand and have many opportunities to encourage and serve the Turkish believers. At the church, this team will help prepare worship services, share testimonies and Bible lessons, teach Sunday School and prepare English lessons for young adults and teenagers. Additionally, there will be many opportunities to encourage the Turkish youth and adults at times of worship and prayer, as well as to invite unbelievers to times of recreation such as rafting, beach volleyball, cultural exchange programs, and other fun excursions as a way to connect them with the local church. , Minimum age: 15 viist: www.antalyaevangelicalchurch.com

UGANDA – July 1 – July 27
Project: The team will work with Patrick and Fellister Baligasima and Discipleship Mission International, an indigenous Christian organization based in Uganda, Africa. Our team will work in construction, evangelism and mercy ministry to widows and orphans. There are two primary schools at Magada and Busembatia Trading Center. These schools have 1900 students and pupils from Ugandan villages- orphans whose parents have died from HIV/AIDS, community children, and pastors’ children. This is a unique opportunity to take part in what God is doing in Africa and support the Baligasimas in their challenging but fruitful ministry there.Minimum age: 18, with prior mission trip experience

If you would like more information or to download an application go to www.impact-sbp.org or contact Bree Bouma at impact.sbp@gmail.com or 805-647-6489. Applications for summer trips are due FEB 15th and applications for winter trips are due AUG 15th.

INDIA – Dec 26, 2011 – Jan 9, 2012 (a separate cross training will be held for this trip in Dec 2011)
Project: New Growth Development Corporation We are partnering for the first time with Jack and Neepa DeVries who founded an amazing ministry in India. They do everything from teaching employment skills to providing healthcare to meeting educational needs in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. This trip would be a spiritually more intense trip for those who have a heart for intercessory prayer and healing and doing direct ministry with the people of India, many of them the “untouchables.” They are seeking to bring healing and wholeness to a community of broken people. Minimum age: 22, with prior mission trip experience www.newgrowthdevelopment.com

HAITI – Jan 3, 2012 – Jan 12, 2012 (a separate cross training will be held for this trip in Dec 2011)
Project: Medical Missions & Disaster Relief in Haiti with New Vision Ministries We will work with Dr. Kerry and his wife Joy as they serve the Hatian people and do their best to help with disaster relief as well as caring for those in this new disaster of the cholera outbreak. We will stay at a hotel in a small fishing village on the coast. Medical professionals & medical sstudents will make up the bulk of this team, though there will be space for a “community team” as well because there is an orphanage across the street from where we will stay where we will feed the kids dehydrated food we’ve packed and build relationships with them. Be prepared to see and help with pretty graphic tragedy as this is the reality in Haiti right now. What a gift it is to serve these people in their greatest time of need. Minimum age: 18 with prior mission trip experience  www.newvisionhaiti.blogspot.com

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